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August 17-19, 2018

Prop Thtr
3502 N Elston, Chicago


Three days of Theatre & Music & Short Film & Comedy & MORE

In August 2017, over 80 groups (theatre, bands, comics, and filmmakers) performed over 3 days on two stages.

This August, we're doing it again. It will be even bigger and better in 2018.

For a $15 Day Pass you can see any show on that day. For a $25 weekend pass you can see any show the whole weekend. Come and go as you wish. You can see a play and then walk over to the other stage and see a band, come back and see a standup.

YippieFest is a unique opportunity to see a wide variety of shows from the Chicago arts community.

Contact us at info(at)yippiefest.com

Friday Aug 17 7:00PM to Sunday Aug 19 11:59PM

Prop Thtr website
3502 N Elston Ave
Chicago, Illinois



*addison lane / Back to Balance (title of first album) / Music
*American Distopian Sketch Players (Name could change) / We’re Okay... / Sketch Play
*Arish Singh / Arish Singh / comedy
*Ben Gerber / Ben Gerber Does Stand Up Comedy / Comedy
*Ben Marshall Band / Ben Marshall / Music
*Black Forest / you must believe / music etc.
*Camilo Restrepo / Camilo Restrepo / Music
*Carly Kane / Carly Kane / Stand Up
*Carma Nibarger / Carma Nibarger / comedy
*Carter Deems / Stand-up comedy / Comedy
*Charles Minard / You're Not Depressed / theater
*Christina Lundin / Christina Lundin / stand up
*Citizens' Relief / BETH IN JULY / Theatre
*Claire Hawley / Claire Hawley / Stand Up
*Collage Productions / 'Make It New - A Sketch of Ezra Pound' / theater
*Comedian big shane / Morbidly funny / Stand Up
*Comedian Prateek Srivastava / Hopefully Tasteful / Stand Up
*Cora Vasseur / Cora Vasseur / Music
*Couch Players / Eleven Empty Frames / theatre
*Crash of Rhinos and Nelson Bridge / Step One / film
*Dan and Kate's Book Club / Dan and Kate's Book Club / Improv
*Dark Room Men / Dark Room Men / Music
*DarrickJ / Me Myself and a Mic / Stand Up
*Dave & Lynn Gow / Dave & Lynn Gow, Acoustic Rock, Blues, Originals / Music
*DB Comedy / The Best of DB Comedy / Sketch Comedy
*Dramageddon / Dramageddon's Throwback Jamz Dance Party / Music
*Drew Brown / Drew Brown / Stand Up
*Eileen Tull / The Fun Time Mental Health Hour Show / Variety
*El Bear / 1 / Theatre
*El Bear / 2 / Theatre
*El Bear / 3 / Theatre
*Eliezer Kaplan / In 1968 I Saw The Yippies Dance / music
*Eric Webb Jr / Eric Webb Jr / Comedy
*Famous In The Future / Self-perpetuating awful machine / sketch
*Flabby Hoffman And The Citrus State Cheerios / Flabby Hoffman's Radio Extravagonzo / Variety
*FreakShow & Tell / FreakShow & Tell / Vaudeville
*Hippohorsey Donkeymonkey / Go Set the Table: A Dysfunctional Family Comedy / Improv
*Huck Poe / Glorified Carnie: The Life Of An Independent Contractor / Sketch Comedy
*Jack Allen / Jack Allen / Stand Up
*Jamie Black / It's My Penis and I'll Cry If I Want To / Solo theater
*Jarrell Scott Barnes / Jarrell Scott Barnes / Stand Up
*Jess Martinez / Stand-Up Comedy / Stand Up
*Jim & Melissa / The Jim & Melissa Experience / sketch comedy
*Jim Kennedy / Jim Kennedy / Stand Up
*John Michael / It's Not ALL About You John Michael / Theatre
*Julia Brownfield / Girl Limitless /
*Keegan Damron / Keegan Damron / Comedy
*KJ Whitehead / Gender Whatever: A Pretty Gay Evening with KJ Whitehead / Stand Up
*Kyna Lenhof / Kyna Lenhof / Comedy
*LeeAnn Yops / LeeAnn Yops / Storytelling
*Lele Mason / Lele Mason / Stand Up
*Luis Arevalo / Intellectual Mercenary With A Stutter / Stand Up
*M.C. Steffen / #NotAllMen, or at least, #NotThisMan, Oh Please Please GOD Don't Let It Be This Man, Pleads This Man / Monologue
*Malic White / Malic White / stand up
*Mark Cunningham / Mark Cunningham / Stand Up
*Mary Kelly / Mary Kelly / Stand Up
*Mary Lorenz / Mary Lorenz / stand up
*Masters of Sketch / Puppet Sketch Radio / Sketch comedy
*Matt MacLean / Matt MacLean / Stand Up
*Mercury Wave / Lean Scenes / theater
*Michael Bratta / Good Ushers / comedic play
*Michael Steven Cohen / Michael Steven Cohen / Guitar and voic
*Mike Felten / Mike Felten / Music
*Nate Gallaway / Nate Gallaway / Comedy
*Nire Nah & Friends / For the Moment / music
*NXT Level Productions / Scandalous: A short narrative film / film
*Off The Clock / Super Joel And the Feesh / Comedy
*Out On A Whim / Improvised Dungeons and Dragons / Improv-Theatre
*Portmanteauzone / Portmanteauzone / music
*PS...Burlesque / PS...Burlesque! / Burlesque
*Rebecca Duxler / The Rebs Special / Storytelling
*Riddle Me That / Riddle Me That LIVE! / Variety
*Roberta Miles / Life: Work in Progress / monologue
*Ron Ervin / Ron Ervin / Stand Up
*Rush Pearson / Diary Of A Madman / dark comedy
*Sam Rhodes / Sam Rhodes Comedy Explosion / Stand Up
*Sandy Lee / Sandy Lee / Stand Up
*Sarah Manning’s / Sarah Manning / Stand Up
*Sean Corcoran / Sean Corcoran tells stories and jokes and shit to make you forget about your sad sad life / Comedy
*Seth Davis Comedy / The Seth Show / Stand Up
*Shane Zimmer / Clown Philosopher Poet / Performance Art
*Subhash Thakrar / Subhash Thakrar / Stand Up
*Teddy Mykaels / Teddy Mykaels Live / Music
*The Agency Theater Collective / No Shame Theatre: YippieFest Edition / Variety Show
*The And The And Thes / The And The And Thes play My Name And The Somethings / music/comedy
*The Courtesan & The Cabin Boy / Naughty Nautical Nonsense (working title) / Musical Comedy
*The Laser Comedy Show / Improvised Superhero Story! / Improv comedy
*The Rut / More songs about trains and animals / music
*Top Banana Productions / Fasting Cougars / Theatre
*Trained Monkey Productions / Bro Luther Powell and The New Normal / comedy/theatre
*Trevor Gertonson / Laugh You Bastards / Comedy
*Tuyeni Akanke / Truth Inspires You / Theater/Poetry
*Uncle Bobo / TGIF’D / Comedy/theatre
*Very Good Theatre Theatre Co. / Nico's Last Tape / Short Play
*Vikram Balaji / Stand up comedy / Comedy
*whitewolfsonicprincess / music / music
*Your Silent Partner / Help Me Help You Help Yourself / Comedy/Clowning



What is a Yippie?

"Yippies" were members of the Youth International Party, a counterculture movement mixing psychedelic hippies with political activists, that began in 1967. With a flair for theatrics and satirical pranks, the Yippies grabbed media attention in the U.S. protesting war and the criminalization of marijuana, and criticizing institutions of government and greed. Some of their most notable mischief included an attempt to levitate The Pentagon, nominating a Pig for President, throwing pies at politicians, and bringing Santa Claus to the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Pot, politics, music, performance and humor fueled the Yippies. Once referred to as "Groucho Marxists," they aimed to change the system and to provide a means of expression for everyone. According to one of the founders, Jerry Rubin, "We try to bring out the yippie in everybody."

Above all, Yippie! is shout of joy. As Abbie Hoffman, another founder of the Yippies, explained, "What does Yippie! mean? Energy -- fun -- fierceness -- exclamation point."

(C) 2018