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September 26 7PM-11PM


Three days ONE Night of Theatre & Music & Short Film & Comedy & MORE

YippieFest is a unique opportunity to see a wide variety of shows from the Chicago arts community.

We have one act plays, sketch comedy, improv, stand-ups, storytellers, bands, short films, and MORE.

Sunday night September 26th starting at 7PM CST


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Prop Thtr website
3502 N Elston Ave
Chicago, Illinois

What is a Yippie?

"Yippies" were members of the Youth International Party, a counterculture movement mixing psychedelic hippies with political activists, that began in 1967. With a flair for theatrics and satirical pranks, the Yippies grabbed media attention in the U.S. protesting war and the criminalization of marijuana, and criticizing institutions of government and greed. Some of their most notable mischief included an attempt to levitate The Pentagon, nominating a Pig for President, throwing pies at politicians, and bringing Santa Claus to the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Pot, politics, music, performance and humor fueled the Yippies. Once referred to as "Groucho Marxists," they aimed to change the system and to provide a means of expression for everyone. According to one of the founders, Jerry Rubin, "We try to bring out the yippie in everybody."

Above all, Yippie! is shout of joy. As Abbie Hoffman, another founder of the Yippies, explained, "What does Yippie! mean? Energy -- fun -- fierceness -- exclamation point."

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