What is YippieFest?
  A weekend of theater, comedy, music, and more on August 18-20, 2017 at the Prop Thtr. YippieFest is loosely based on the long-running Abbie Hoffman Died For Our Sins theater festival conceived by Rich Cotovsky of Mary-Arrchie Theatre. During the weekend, many artists will perform on one of two stages.
  How do I perform?
  Submit an application and come to the meetings. Unlike other festivals, we do not charge an application fee.
  What can I perform?
  Pretty much anything will be approved. Fire, explosives, weapons, live animals, etc will likely not be approved. Your piece has to be performed inside the theatre and preferably 5-45 minutes in length.
  Can I bring alcohol?
  The fest is not BYOB. There will be a cash bar in the lobby with water, pop, beer, wine and some cocktails available. Some food items will also be made available.
  How much does it cost to attend the fest?
  Day passes good for all day are available at the door for $15. You can pre-order day passes for $10 online (link coming soon). Passes good for all weekend are $25 at the door or $20 pre-ordered online.
  Does my group have to pay to get into the fest?
  There is no application fee or participation fee. Your performers and tech person will receive a free wristband that allows entry the whole weekend.
  Can we rehearse in the theatre?
  The week leading up to the fest you can get in and tech but you won't have time to rehease your whole show. The Prop Thtr is available to rent for rehearsal, contact the theatre for more information.
  What kind of tech do you provide?
  We have a light board and lights but you can't change lights. For sound there will be a sound board and a cable for your portable device. We plan to have a projector that you can use with VGA or HDMI. You have to bring your own tech person.
  What kind of setup is there for bands?
  For the time being, plan on bringing your own instruments, mics, and amps. We are working on having PAs for use.
  Can we perform more than once?
  Yes, you can. Your second time slot might not be a prime time.
  Can I store props in the theatre before the fest?
  There will be limited storage at the theatre and you are encouraged to not have to store anything at the theatre. YippieFest is not responsible for the safety of your props.
  What about t-shirts? Will there be a march?
  T-shirts will be made with the participating groups listed on the back. There will be no march.
  Can I help?
  Yes, let us know you would like to help and what you are good at/willing to do.
  Will it be fun?