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September 26 7PM-11PM

YippieFest Schedule

Sunday night September 26th starting at 7PM CST

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7:00 PMMike Felten
Opening Ceremony with Mike Felten
5 mins
Bluesman Mike Felten opens the fest with a 1969 flashback web link
7:05 PMwhitewolfsonicprincess
Brown Eyes
6 mins
Brown Eyes from the album The Alternate Boot web link
7:11 PMThe Rut
Monkey in the House
3 mins
A cautionary tale of getting what you wish for not being all that great. web link
7:15 PMCollage Productions and Mobil Wave Films
comedic one-act
19 mins
A female philanthropist who has posted "Hate Has No Home Here" and "No Human Is Illegal" signs outside her home discovers a homeless man sleeping beside her building, and they bring Alexander The Great's meeting with Diogenes into contemporary times.
7:34 PMCrash of Rhinos
Love Me Tinder
14 mins
Nick is a privileged married man who likes to take up on his favorite dating app. Before you know it he has matched with Hannah. What looks like a very promising evening in store for Nick, turns out to be far different than what was expected. web link
7:48 PMFamous in the future
Take it off!
1 mins
A 2021 version of striptease web link
7:50 PMDark Room Men
Simonized and Garfunky While Rome Burns
20 mins
Two film critics kill facism with music web link
8:10 PMwhitewolfsonicprincess
Hand in Hand
5 mins
Hand in Hand from the album The Alternate Boot (World Premiere!) web link
8:15 PMNorthside/Southside Players
Flywheel and Ravelli - Shoemakers
Radio Theater
27 mins
Flywheel and Ravelli, denizens of a lower east side (NY) shoe making establishment, find themselves recruited by a wealthy dowager who hires them to make shoes to be auctioned off on a live radio broadcast to raise money for her favorite charity. WORLD PREMIERE web link
8:42 PMKiller Robots
Cooler By The Lake music video
6 mins
Music video for 'Cooler By The Lake'. A song that is an honest love/hate letter to Chicago from those who call the city home. web link
8:48 PMRob Steinberg and Randall Parker
The Hortus and The Tare
video comedy
5 mins
A retelling of the myth that never was web link
8:53 PMwhitewolfsonicprincess
Lavendar Rays
4 mins
Lavender Rays from the album Shadow of the Marigold web link
8:57 PMMike Felten
Blues with Mike Felten
11 mins
Chicago bluesman and Reverbnation's "#1 singer/songwriter in Chicago-2016" web link
9:08 PMThe Telepaths
Bye Bye Dubai
4 mins
History of The Telepaths in a World Premiere music video web link
9:12 PMDebbie Sue Goodman
Debbie Sue Goodmans stand-up comedy.
7 mins
Debbie Sue Goodman performs a one-woman comedy show based on her humorous books, 'Still Single' & 'Still Dating.' Debbie Sue tells jokes, sings and performs celebrity impressions in her very funny comedy show.  web link
9:19 PMHere Comes Cora Covid
Famous in the future
3 mins
A parody song of "Suzie Snowflake" for the pandemic times web link
9:22 PMAmy Crider
10,000 Cranes
10 mins
The migrating sandhill cranes of Indiana, set to music, told with a story of loss.
9:32 PMThe Rut
Rutting Around
15 mins
Chicago trio play a few songs from a gig at Phyllis' Musical Inn web link
9:45 PMClosing Video
11 mins


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