Festival Co-ordinator
Frank is a founding member of the sketch comedy group Famous In The Future. He's performed at all 28 AbbieFests and is thrilled to be a part of the continuation of the AbbieFest spirit.
PR and more
Desiree joined Famous in the Future for Abbie Fest in 1997, and stayed on through the years as a performer, comedy writer, and puppet-lover. She's eager to once again join everybody in a hearty "Yippie!."
Musical Director
James is a founding Member of Black Forest Theater Co. and whitewolfsonicprincess, a neo-psychedelic folk rock ensemble. James is so excited to be part of the first annual Yippie Fest! "Come on Kids, let's put on a show!"
Kevlar B Lightning
Production Mgr/Scheduling
Kevlar is a burlesque dancer and producer with Dramageddon Arts and Bim Bam Boom. As a systems engineer, your scheduling needs are in good hands. She will be around all weekend as the house manager, let her answer your questions
Jason Weinberg
Spirit Coordinator
Jason has spent the last 17 years catching as much Abbie as his body would allow. He is the founder of Dramageddon Arts, which was founded to perform at Abbie Hoffman in 2008. He's the only person to use a $5 pass correctly